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Lets Talk Sex: Going All the Way Donald K. Stewart

Lets Talk Sex: Going All the Way

Donald K. Stewart

Published February 17th 2011
ISBN : 9781432771218
220 pages
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 About the Book 

Sex! Sex! ... and more Sex! It confronts you everywhere.Lets Talk Sex: Going All The Way, comes as a part-product of 53 years of living- seeing, hearing and experiencing sexual issues ... in a morally confused world where hedonistic philosophies dominate and sexual seduction is becoming the order of the day.Did you ever notice ...what is the first question that is usually asked when a baby is born ...and where all eyes are conveniently focused in trying to answer that simple (but important) question? Yes, it matters considerably whether you have been born as a boy or a girl, and your family members are usually the first ones to either affirm or reject you on the basis of your gender.How do we cope in a world where the educators, health officials and social planners are constantly bombarding our confused teenagers with the slogan: Remember to use a condom every time, instead of promoting abstinence, chastity or sexual purity?What should we do when the sensuous massage parlors are promising us everything, from erection to ejaculation, while the prostitutes and pimps are busily organizing themselves as registered sex workers ... with a demand for official status- including full recognition, government protection and equal rights as legitimate professionals?We all have an integral part to play in finding appropriate solutions for this intoxicated world in which we live. We can either make significant things happen, continue to watch destructive things happen or keep asking everyone else around us (with a naive posture and ignorant disposition) ... What happen?