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Jordana’s Chair (Kaleidoscope Series, #4) Karen Wiesner

Jordana’s Chair (Kaleidoscope Series, #4)

Karen Wiesner

Published June 6th 2014
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 About the Book 

Soulful-eyed heartbreaker Dex Everett has been intrigued by his neighbor since she moved into his building a year ago--though, or perhaps because--shes nothing like the made-up glamour girls hes used to dating. Jordana DeSoto barely speaks English, has worn the same two handmade outfits in all the time hes known her, and has never bothered with, nor needed, make-up. The few times hes helped her carry furniture up to her apartment, hes noticed that her living space is basically empty. No one hes ever known could be content with so little simply because she earned it on her own or display such joy over a new chair. Jordana captures Dex the way no other woman ever has. Is this ladies man officially off the market?