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Forced Heritage Victoria Hewitt

Forced Heritage

Victoria Hewitt

800 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

In this first sexy installment of series that spans planets and generations, co-authors Victoria and Matthew Hewitt welcome you to a distant, yet engaging world where the strictly regimented society belies the passions that secretly rule even the most powerful of forces. Falisha McGardin works for the Galactic Council and has just been sent on her most dangerous mission yet: to infiltrate the vast and powerful Denebian Empire and to uncover the secrets to their illegal cold fusion technology. She anticipated danger, but what she didnt expect was the handsome, charismatic and commanding leader of the Denebian Empire: Lord Jason Terrell. Lord Terrell is working to solidify his power as emperor and unite an entire galaxy, but is facing opposition from his council. He knows the only way he can rule uncontested is to find the woman known as Mistress and unite with Master Gondor. But could the strong-willed spy from Earth really be the woman he needs to rule a galaxy? And can these two bold and brazen personalities stop fighting long enough to find the love they need to save both their lives?